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The Meralco Power Academy (MPA), together with National Power Training Institute of Nigeria (NAPTIN) and the US Energy Association (USEA) collaborated to custom-design a Utility Metering System Course which brings forward a thorough understanding of the working principles and application of revenue metering, the technology support, metering standards and best practices to ensure an accurate and reliable customer revenue metering and the monitoring and control of electric system. MPA’s course is directly in response to the Nigerian Ministry of Energy’s aim to develop the NAPTIN trainers on the right method and best practice approach on customer metering in order to preserve the investment, mitigate system losses and address the industry metering requirement for the benefit of the Nigerian consumers. According to Ronnie Aperocho, Meralco FVP and Head of Networks, “It brings us great pride and joy that this project enabled us to share Meralco best practices to the Nigerian power industry. We hope that this had provided the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude that will help accelerate their electricity market development, bring in major infrastructure investments, promote best utility practices and strengthen Nigerian power industry.” MPA is the only training, education and thought leadership provider in the Philippines with a mission to significantly upgrade strategic and critical industry capabilities in the Power and Energy ecosystem in the Philippines, ASEAN and beyond. In top photo are Meralco President & MPA Vice Chair Oscar Reyes (5th from left), together with the MPA & Meralco officers who spearheaded the Utility Metering System Course presented in Nigeria.