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Recent studies claim that an estimated 0.1% of the energy in ocean waves could supply the entire world’s energy requirement five times over. Harnessing this potential has been the subject of many advanced economies in Europe like UK, Spain and Denmark. Likewise, the Philippines has drawn global attention in the past years on potential business opportunities in the country.

Last June 9, the Meralco Power Academy organized a forum on “Discovering Ocean/Tidal Energy in the Philippine Archipelago” which was facilitated by three international experts from Singapore, Germany and UK. They shared the latest trends and insights on this emerging technology that has been projected to hit “waves” soon in the local sector.  More than 40 professionals from the power industry, government and banking sectors engaged in active discussions on the opportunities, technical best practices and commercial considerations delivered by the experts.

“Ocean / Tidal Renewable Energy is the next solar PV. Philippines, as an archipelago with more than 7,000 islands, will greatly benefit from this technology. It promises a brighter future for the country’s alternative resource”, said Eugene Araullo, MPA Head of Program Management.

MPA continues to be in the forefront of bringing global technologies locally through technical exchanges and learning programs for the energy sector.  For more information on MPA Programs, follow us on Facebook or Linkedin.