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Our Programs & Training Venues

DU Excellence: Driving Knowledge Parity

Through our capability building programs and best practice sharing, we lead in driving the learning and collaborative efforts of the power industry, bringing together the government, energy players and academic sectors to a common understanding of energy issues.


Future Technologies: Shaping Power Trends

We conduct programs that will steer innovation in the energy landscape by means of offering learning from global benchmarks and from mature markets.


STEM Support: Developing Tomorrow's Talent

We aim to influence and educate the next generation of energy professionals as we continue to drive up standards, support technical development and facilitate energy solutions.

Our Global Experts

Our innovative learning programs are delivered by the combined expertise of local industry leaders and our network of international power and energy thought leaders, faculty, resource experts and administrators.

As an advocate of excellence in the industry, MPA has established alliances with key industry leaders in the academe, professional organizations, international training consultants, and government institutions. Through valuable collaboration and partnerships with these entities, MPA continues to facilitate opportunities in the energy industry, reach a wider audience and support thrusts for nation building.

Global Lineman Training Camp

The Global Lineman Training Camp located in Antipolo City will serve as the premiere training ground in maintaining the competitiveness of Philippine line workers and building manpower skills for power and energy line work. MPA takes the lead in the design, development and implementation of courses that will develop the talent pipeline of the power industry.  The camp, spanning 6 hectares houses 3 classrooms for 150 persons, 2 dormitory rooms, lineman pole yard and outdoor cabanas.